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Use your desktop or laptop to access the Site Builder Platform

Everything you need to create your website and launch your activities online.


In Five Steps.

Choose a website template, edit texts, upload your images and add advanced features such as E-commerce, Hotel and Services.

  1. Sign up for free.
  2. Choose your template.
  3. Customise content with drag-and-drop — no coding.
  4. Add your items, your services, your dishes or your rooms.
  5. Get ready for your customers.

Use your desktop or laptop to access the Site Builder Platform


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Intuitive                                            Unlimited                                          Complete

Total freedom: each element can be customised to create are a unique website.

You will have more than 100 elements to create your website.

The editor is very simple: you need little time to learn how to use it!​


Start with a perfect Template

Choose a template that's perfect for you from hundreds available and customise it with your own style.

Make your small business grow.


Build your online store that is flexible and easy to manage to sell your products worldwide.


Create a website for your hotel / bnb and show off your vacation homes or room rentals.


Stay on track of the most important statistics of your website: the average number of visitors, the average duration of each visit and the most searched words in search engines that lead to your website.


Program the automatic delivery of your communication via email, chat, sms, and push the browser out to all customers who have performed a particular action on your website.

Best Features for your website


With partner of Flazio managing your online business becomes a breeze. Create a beautiful online store and showcase your products, track your customer's orders, provide different payment options and offer discounts and coupons for the best sale.

Secure payments

Choose payment methods you prefer to get your customers to pay online and receive payments directly to your bank account. And you pay no commission to me! ​

SEO tools

Increase the visibility of your website on search engines like Google and climb the positions to reach the top of the first page.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Site builder Platform is available in two versions: the free version and the Professional version which includes all the exclusive features of and costs £15/month including VAT or £150/year, always including VAT.​

How much does it cost?

The Professional version is all-inclusive and includes domain with the extension you want to be included forever (not only in the first year), 5 emails of 5GB each, unlimited space and bandwidth, statistics, SEO tools, email and SMS marketing, automation, e-commerce, online booking system and much more! Discover all the features included in the benefits of the Professional version.

What is included?

Yes of course.

​You have several options: If you already have a domain: You can transfer your domain to when purchasing the Professional version.

Can I switch to from another platform?

If you already have a site: If you have a site created with another platform you can import the entire site to And if you have an E-commerce you can import a list of products in a .csv file.

For more information on how to transfer your site to Flazio visit the page Transfer your website.

Can you create my website?

Our Services.

We get to the heart of your business, to understand the problems you face.
Then we solve them.





Briung us your idea and we'll make it a digital reality. We make the web work for you in ways you didn't even think posible.

Selling a service? Our custom-made web applications will transform how you do business. Improve your efficiency and serve more customers.

We create flexible, powerful websites tailored to your business. Effortless to use and thoughtfully designed, every detail is bespoke.

We create eCommerce sites that do the hard work for you, providing a robust, secure and efficient sales platform. Gain freedom to focus on your growth and development.

Do you have any questions?

Send me an e-mail, fill in the below form or get in touch via chat.

I'd love to help your business grow.


Get the best out of this site builder platform, use my assistance to reach your business goals and achieve an outstanding website.

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