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Outstanding tools to create your professional website at only £15/month or £150/year.


10 Reasons to go PRO

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Custom Domain

With our Professional version, your domain is already included in the price, free forever. A personalised domain is the first step in affirming your website on the internet. 

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Custom E-mails gives you out of the box 5 email accounts to link to your custom domain (e.g. That means that straight away you have a professional channel to communicate with all of your customers and clients. Make your brand stand out. 

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Why is our E-Commerce the best? Because we get you online, ready to start accepting payments and selling online right away, all with 0% commissions. That means that you can keep everything. It's the best way to start and grow your account!

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Hotel bookings has the most advanced Hotel and BnB booking system. It comes with the same 0% commissions as E-Commerce and has an internal calendar that seamlessly allows clients to book rooms, with so many additional features. This is the new way to run your reservation system.


Services Booking Manager

E-Commerce is for products, Booking is for Hotels, and Services is for courses and classes. Anyone can now easily book your sessions with the included calendar while you immediately get payment and confirmation, all through your website.


Use the included Manager to check your agenda to see who confirmed!

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Running a professional website takes professional tools, and we have them. You'll be able to track how clients find your website, where they are from, what age they have, what pages they view the most, and how much they spend! Your website, turbocharged!

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Marketing Automation

Work smarter — that's what marketing automation does. If your client is undecided about a purchase, your website will automatically send them an email with their checkout basket asking them to finalize payments. Want to set up promotional pop-ups around big events or holidays? It's all included in the Marketing Automation Panel. 

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SEO Optimisation

SEO mean Search Engine Optimisation. What does that mean? It means how high Google will put your website on their search results. The more relevant your SEO is to a search, the higher you go. makes it easy with our SEO Panel, making sure that you have the best shot at getting found.

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Firstly, you will never lose your website with We collaborate with Google to ensure your security. Back-up means that you can archive important versions of your website that you can reload if necessary. Let's say you make big changes on your website but you don't like them. All you have to do is reload a backup.


How nice is that?

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Google integration

Google is the most visited website in the USA and the whole World. Every search starts from there. Use our fantastic panel to fill our your company's info to get linked right into Google Search, just like how the big companies do.

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Other Advantages

Multiple Ssers

If you have different people working for your company who need to access your website, you can now assign them limited access. For example, if someone needs to check confirmed orders and ship items, you can give them selected permission to access just that part of your website. Easy!​

Unlimited Hosting

With you have unlimited hosting and bandwidth for your website. You don’t have to worry about space or speed, and how many visitors arrive on your website. It’s all included in the price of your Pro Membership.

Real Estate

Thanks to our Real Estate Panel, you can now showcase properties, either for sale or rental. You can now accept rent online! Your customers can browse your catalogue, check all the features and request an appointment for more information.

Header/Body Management

Do you know how to program and want to add widgets and extra features to your website? You can do it, with the Management of the Head/Body. It’s perfect if you want to add Google or Facebook pixels, that way you can start marketing like a Pro!

Frequently Asked Questions

This Site builder Platform is available in two versions: the free version and the Professional version which includes all the exclusive features of and costs £15/month including VAT or £150/year, always including VAT.​

How much does it cost?

The Professional version is all-inclusive and includes domain with the extension you want to be included forever (not only in the first year), 5 emails of 5GB each, unlimited space and bandwidth, statistics, SEO tools, email and SMS marketing, automation, e-commerce, online booking system and much more! Discover all the features included in the benefits of the Professional version.

What is included?

Yes of course.

​You have several options: If you already have a domain: You can transfer your domain to when purchasing the Professional version.

Can I switch to from another platform?

If you already have a site: If you have a site created with another platform you can import the entire site to And if you have an E-commerce you can import a list of products in a .csv file.

For more information on how to transfer your site to Flazio visit the page Transfer your website.

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Do you have any questions?

Send me an e-mail, fill in the below form or get in touch via chat.

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