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Nilesh Modi

COO at NovalGen


A very professional, marketing-centric site and brand developer. Aside from his technical expertise in developing breakthrough website features and an inner drive to always push the envelope to proactively offer new ideas, he is at heart a brand focused developer.


Bruno helped design and develop both NovalGen's website and brand logo - tying it intricately to the Company's deeper mission, vision and values - to convey a holistic yet compelling

nilesh modi.jpeg

Narendra Patel

Business Development Manager at Clinigen Group


Bruno is wonderful to work with and has exceptional expertise in project management, marketing management, graphics & web designing.

He consistently demonstrated solid work ethics, and he is dedicated, self-motivated,
methodical and capable to manage tough projects. He is not only a reliable and forward-thinking project manager but also an inspiring team player.


Bruno ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I've seen before and made a dramatic increase in the productivity level of the company. He is a true mark of professionalism, to respect everyone else for their styles and always find something positive in every dining experience and it highlights in his thoughts and words.

narendra patel.jpeg

Anil Mandalia

Sales And Marketing Specialist at Synergy Biologics


I rarely come across real talent who stands out like Bruno. I had the pleasure of working with Bruno for 3 years at B&S Group, collaborating on several sales and marketing projects. Bruno's ability to handle multiple projects was outstanding and made a dramatic increase in the productivity level during my tenure at B&S Group.

He has the ability to take on any project with the convocation and self-belief of delivering what was required of him and his team.

He has the ability to work on multiple projects and never let the pressure show, which made him a very good project leader/manager and a mentor. Always happy to help other departments and always with a smile.

With these qualities, Bruno has my highest recommendation.

anil mandalia

Ateet Pandya

IT Business Analyst Team Leader at Luxsh Technologies


My association with Bruno was initiated from July 2020 onwards. For me, it has been a great learning curve since Bruno has the expertise and a plethora of ideas when it
comes to functionality suggestions, documentation style, project management, to name a few.


Apart from being a supportive leader, Bruno also possesses street-smartness towards any project which makes him stand apart amongst contemporary leaders. His knowledge & acumen regarding project management is terrific and I have had the privilege of inculcating his ways & mannerisms of going about project tasks with various stakeholders.


Apart from being a great mentor, Bruno also is a great listener. He ensures all stakeholders are given a chance to provide their suggestions regarding a project and implement them if they are relevant & beneficial to the project. To conclude, Bruno is an all-rounder when it comes to Leadership skills, Project Management and Business Modelling and a source of inspiration and a guiding light.

ateet pandya.jpeg

Bincy Podiyan

IT Business Analyst at Luxsh Technologies


I am really glad that I had the opportunity to work with Bruno for the past 6 months in Luxsh Technologies. His expertise in Project Management, Business Analysis and Market sense are commendable. He always encourages and leads his team to deliver projects within the timelines.

Bruno has always made sure that we develop projects that are in line with the current market demand and have the latest features. One thing that is commendable about
Bruno is that he is patient enough to listen to every team member's opinion before taking a decision which makes him a great leader as well as a successful product owner.


He is also well versed in technically Aspects of the IT field such as Agile Methodology, Scrum. Bruno is easily approachable to employees of any hierarchy and when approached, he makes sure that all our queries are resolved in the most understandable language. I would like to wish Bruno the best for every project he undertakes and is successful wherever he is in life for the kind of person he is.

bincy podiyan.jpeg

Ketan Nayak

IT Business Analyst at Luxsh Technologies


Bruno is a very Humble person, he has a very unique & cheerful personality, Leadership is a natural quality that can be observed in him. He always gave us the freedom to experiment & explore new ways to get things done, be more creative at work & and always guided us whenever we needed him.

As a senior to us, he always knew how to cheer up the team. He used to make us discover our strengths and always be available to help on overcome our weaknesses. His Motivational Speeches on the Friday Team Meetings used to cheer up the whole team to go full-on Super Saiyan Mode.

He was our In house Motivational/TedTalk Speaker. The man always gave the Positive Vibe & his energy was used to motivate us to go the extra mile to get things done. Giving
the credit where it's due & appreciation for good work is totally his thing, A true Gem of the person.

ketan nayak pic.jpeg

Mehul Yadav

Web Sales Manager at B&S Group


Bruno's input and guidance on the new business strategy are just fantastic. Your expertise is not only invaluable but it's very clear to understand and implement in our areas.

Your passion for work motivates me and the team. I am very thankful to Bruno and he is the one who has transformed me from a 'good performer' to a 'Good Leader'.

I learned a lot from Bruno and I wish me and the team continue to grow under his impeccable business skills, marketing skills and his mentoring.

mehul yadav.jpeg
angela rana.jpeg

Angela Rana

Web Sales Executive at B&S Group

Bruno is one of the best people I have come across! Not many have the privilege to work under someone so caring understanding and with so much knowledge filled! He is always there to help with all our difficulties. His pressure and leadership has made us more productive and converted all of our skills into strengths. It feels amazing to work with someone so good!

deepak pariyani.jpeg

Deepak Pariyani

Web Sales Executive at B&S Group


Bruno is the best person to work with. He supports new ideas and encourages young talent to prosper. His marketing skills are exceptional.

Palvasha Qadardan

Clinical Research Coordinator at ICON plc


Bruno is a person with genuine positive energy that transforms a moment. I have worked with Bruno for more than a year and we have attended several conferences and events where Bruno delivered impressive communication and negotiation skills.


Bruno has a creative and imaginary "mind" which has helped our company with marketing and business development. He expertly filled the role of business analyst with passion and determination where he rapidly created his own team in a very short time.


I'm always left impressed by Bruno's ability to handle and multitask many projects effortlessly with uncountable passion. Some projects require travelling and commitment, he fulfils all with professionalism and a smile on his face. No matter how busy Bruno is, his productivity level remains the same due to his great relationship with his team members. Sometimes I ask a question, How does Bruno manage all? The answer is because his team will climb miles to complete tasks demonstrated by Bruno. He is a true leader.

Bruno would be an asset to any group as he keeps the team's morals high at all times including in the toughest and pressurising moments. Bruno's enthusiastic nature has left a huge impact on the way I view and manage my job. I'm sure his positive vibration will influence and motivate many more.


Most importantly, his level of charisma and public speaking ability would take any organisation forward. Any employer would be extremely delighted to have a rare, trustworthy and inspiring Bruno in their team.

palvasha qadardan.jpeg

Shivani Thakur

IT Business Analyst at Luxsh technologies


I had the pleasure of working with Bruno since I had joined the organisation and he leads by example. He always kept the team motivated and shared knowledge. His ability to deal with crises and come up with new ways to achieve results were always an inspiration. Although technically he is my head, rarely did it feel that way. Instead, Bruno focused on being a great coach, mentor and above all else- a friend.

Bruno understood that great leadership requires more than delegation, it's about equipping and inspiring others to do what inspires them. It's about empowering others by creating a safe environment where they can be themselves and where their opinions matter. I am delighted I had the chance to learn from Bruno.

shivani thakur.jpeg
sourav mohanta.jpeg

Sourav Mohanta

Business Analyst at Sapiens


Working with Bruno is a rare opportunity to come across, a great leader with his managerial skills. Bruno, with his great motivational and inspirational support, enhanced greatly the bonding and performance of the team. He treats his team as his own family.

Anjalee Shah

IT Business Analyst at Luxsh Technologies


Bruno is indeed a great manager. I am enjoying working with him and under his guidance on projects and he leads by example. He has a distinctive vision and approach.


He always keeps the team motivated and shares the best of the best knowledge of business and the marketplace. I believe he is one of the skilled managers I got the opportunity to work with.

anjalee shah.jpeg

Isabel Oliveira

Warehouse Team Leader at B&S Group


It was fantastic to work together with Bruno, who was an exceptional Leader, honest and trustworthy. His respect for the staff gained him respect of the staff. Loyal, insightful
and independent. He was often given additional responsibility and assumed a Leadership role while encouraging others on his team. He's always been capable of adapting to the new daily challenges. Very positive attitude towards business principles and vision.

isabel oliveira.jpeg
vinita menghani.jpeg

Vinita Menghani

Software Test Engineer at Imriel Technology Solutions


Bruno, Name itself described time management, project management and relationship management. It was an incredible experience to work with him.

gaurav chawda.jpeg

Gaurav Chawda

UI/UX Designer at Luxsh Technologies


Bruno has always been a great resource to work with. He is always willing to jump in as part of the team, whether it be to fix a problem or to determine the root cause. His problem-solving capabilities are unmatched.

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